About Us

HI, I’m Miranda Boggs, owner of Miner’s Cup Coffee Co. in Custer, South Dakota! I’m a fourth generation local of the beautiful town of Custer in the Black Hills, and I take pride in my deep history here! My husband, Adam, runs his construction business, Rock Solid Enterprises, out of the back half of the property behind the coffee shop and our daughter, Abigail, works at Miner’s Cup full-time in the summer and weekends during school when she’s not in sports. It’s been a blessing to make this a family business!

I had a dream to own a coffee shop that would be open year-round that provided quality coffee and food with outstanding customer service. That may sound like any typical business, but unless you’re a local, you may not understand how the little town of Custer shuts down in the winter. Most hotels and many restaurants are closed from October to May. I know first-hand what it was like to live in Custer in the winter, where there’s still a community going about their day-to-day lives despite the cold and snowy weather. So my #1 mission was to open a coffee shop that would stay open year-round and since Custer didn’t have a drive-thru, that’s what we started.

Quality coffee and food have been very important to me from the start… I personally don’t care for greasy fast food that’s been sitting on the warming shelf for who knows how long! We don’t do that here – we don’t have a warming shelf! Our coffee is roasted locally in Rapid City by an amazingly talented roaster. They recommended we serve a light/medium roast espresso that is so smooth and delicious – they know what they’re talking about! All of our food and drinks are made to order with quality ingredients, so while the wait may be a bit longer than a typical drive-thru, it will be worth it!

I believe you can’t have a great business without outstanding customer service! My team is amazing and even though we have lots of fun at work, they work very hard and strive to make your orders exactly how you like, with a smile!

We opened May 19th, 2019 and words can’t express how blessed we are with all the business we get! We have amazing local support and also tourists whom we look forward seeing every year! We continue to find ways to better serve our customers, especially when they come in masses, so please be patient and kind and once it’s your turn in line, we will knock your socks off with our fantastic coffee, food, and outstanding customer service!